2.1 Channel systems

Upgrade your home audio system with a quality 2.1 channel audio system from NewWaveSpeakers.com. Many of these quality audio systems include an amplifier as well as 2 speakers and will work wonders making your system sound better than it ever has before. Enjoy convenient features like Bluetooth, USB, SD and FM radio capability for the best listening experience. Shop by quality brands like beFree Sound, Craig, Pyle and many more or shop by design. With all the quality colors and designs here, you are sure to find the perfect system to compliment your home décor as well as improve your listening experience, like classy white dual Bluetooth tower speakers or a compact home theater tower with a docking station for your Apple electronics. Whether you are listening to music, watching movies or singing karaoke, you are going to fall in love with these amazing 2.1 channel audio systems.

Enjoy exploring all the great 2.1 channel audio systems here. These systems are great for your home theater system, your garage or shop sound system, even your home office or man-cave. Get the most out of music, movies and videos when you have the very best quality sound. You are sure to find something here on our website to improve your audio experience, whether you are shopping for your home, your car or your boat. If a 2.1 system won’t cut it, why not try out a set of 5.1 channel Bluetooth speakers for a full surround-sound experience? Amp up your car’s audio system with a pre-amp equalizer. Enjoy shopping!